Epilogue To John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

Words: 586
Pages: 3

It was late evening; the sun was gradually going to rest and the cries of the night animals were starting to louden. George was still shaking in disbelief, Slim could see tears turning brown as they ran down Georges unwashed face. “You know; you did the right thing” said Slim. George didn’t reply and kept walking. The night was icy, and dim, the wind was cold and frosty, you could tell winter was coming. George strolled into the lodge and dove onto his bed. The cabin felt smaller than before. ‘I guess it is going to be different without Lennie always being here’, George pull himself onto his feet, using anything that was around him. Slim, who was taking a seat a couple of feet away, tried to comfort George and way possible but he knew that it must have be tough for him. …show more content…
George replied. He strolled over to his little torn up sack. George had nothing, apart from a small tin cup and a couple days’ worth of food. “You don’t really have a choice, Curley will want answers’, ‘answers, I’m pretty sure you don’t have”. George picked up his bag and began walking to the door when he heard someone yelling his name. ‘George’ yelled the figure. ‘Where are you’. George and Slim ran outside, wondering who it was. Unsurprisingly, it was Curley, he was drunk, his breath reeking of whisky. ‘Are you okay’ George said, Curley said nothing. He just stood there, staring at George. He began to walk closer to George, pulling something out of his