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Orin Sahar
Professor Wagner
ENC 1102 – Epistolary
February 9th, 2012
Dear Charles Perrault,
Since I was a little girl I always loved listening to my mother while she read me your fairy tale of “Little Red Riding Hood” (“LRRH”) you wrote in 1697. The tale might not have such a happy ending and there is a death of two charters, but it clearly teaches a very important lesson for life. Me as a little girl learned from “LRRH”, that talking to strangers is not a good idea. Some people may look like they are nice and just want to be your friend, but you must first figure out who they are and then decide what information can be given to that person. However, there are some details that till this day I still haven’t figured out about the story of “LRRH” that made me question the story. In the beginning of the story, Why did Little Red Riding Hood as such a young girl got sent by her mother to go on her own to her grandmother’s house? The fact that the mother let her daughter walk by her self through the dark wood to go visit her grandmother without any supervision is one thing asking for troubles. I don’t know if you all ready know this, but in the United States a person younger then sixteen years old is not allowed to be anywhere by themselves for the simple reason that until you turn sixteen your state of mind is still immature to make the right choices.
Additional detail in “Little Red Riding Hood” that made me question the story is when Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) first encountered the wolf. How come LRRH did not realized right then that talking to an animal with a malicious face such as the wolf would be a bad idea. Usually when you talk to someone, especially when you don’t know him or her, first thing you do is trying to analyze that person through visual appearance before even beginning a conversation. If one’s appearance does not match the criteria that you follow you should not continue the conversation with them, and definitely should not give them any private/detailed information. I guess LRRH as a young girl with an immature state of mind, didn’t recognized the bad in the wolf’s face and was just trying to be nice by talking to him and giving him unnecessary information regarding where she was going in very specific