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What is the Course of Prenatal
• The Germinal Period
• The Embryonic Period
• The Fetal Period

The Germinal Period

First two weeks after conception
Creation of zygote
Cell division
Attachment of zygote to uterine wall

The Embryonic Period
• First two to eight weeks
• Rate of cell differentiation intensifies, support system for the cells form, and organs appear

The Fetal Period
• Lasts about seven months
• Growth and development continue their dramatic course during this time

Things to Consider:
• Nutrition
• Exercise
• Prenatal care

Fathers Role In Bonding
• Involves more physical playfulness while mothers role involves more talking and silent interaction. • Talking to the baby through partners belly
• Attending childbirth classes with the mother
• Nurturing the wife making sure she is healthy
• Having picture of the ultrasound and showing it to people will establish pride in fatherhood.

What Is Prenatal Care?
• A type of medical care for women in labor that consist of educational, social and nutritional services.

Prenatal Care provides:

Information on dangers of the fetus
Classes on the development of of the embryo and fetus
Sexuality during pregnancy
Choices about the birth setting and care providers
Rest and Exercise
Common discomforts of pregnancy and relief measures
Psychological changes in the expectant mother and her partner
Factors that increase the risk of preterm labor and possible symptoms of preterm labor
• Advantages and disadvantages of breast feeding and bottle feeding

Does Prenatal Care Matter?
• The information about pregnancy such as, pregnancy, labor, delivery, and caring for the newborn is valuable information.
• Important for women in poverty because it links them with other social services.

Studies show that…

In the U.S women who had no prenatal care were far more likely than those who received the care to have infants who had low birth weight, increased mortality, and a number of other physical problems (Herbst & others, 2003).
Other studies have shown that low birth weight and preterm deliveries were common among U.S mothers who received no prenatal care, and the absence of prenatal care increased the risk for preterm birth almost threefold in both non-Latino White and African American Women
(Stringer &others, 2005).

Exercise During Pregnancy
• Exercise during pregnancy is just as important during pregnancy as it is before and after pregnancy.
• During pregnancy women must adapt to certain exercises due to the changes in her body.
• It is important that women choose safe exercises during pregnancy that are comfortable.
• Exercises such as walking, swimming and cycling are great exercises to do during pregnancy.
• It is crucial that women begin exercising with a 5-10 minute warm-up and end with a 5-10 minute cool down.

Why do some women in U.S