Essay on Equaity and Diversity Level 2 Unit 2

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Unit 2 Assessment

Hi Henry

Well done! You have made a great start to this unit however some of your answers need to be amended and I have highlighted these for you.

Could you please make the amendments, remove my highlighted text, proof read and spell check your work and re-submit this unit by 19/10/15.

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Name: Henry Morris Gray

Part 1: The extent of diversity

This section will help you to evidence Learning Outcome 1:.Understand the extent of diversity within a community.

|Learning objective
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|Learning objective |Place in Assessment |
|2.1 Describe the types of equality that can occur within a community |Question 1, Page 3 |
|2.2 Describe the benefits of equality and diversity within a community |Question 2, Page 4 |

1. You looked at four specific types of equality in the course materials. Choose two and describe them in the space below. [2.1]

Natural equality relates to a person’s ability to choose, i.e. beliefs, values, interests and lifestyle. This should be free from influence from others (unless their lifestyles are something that is illegal such as cannibalism) or being treated differently because of the choices they make.

Equality before the law means that everyone should be treated equally and fairly. I.e. laws must apply to everyone, not just a group of people, this is why there are issues with the enforcement of stop and search by police, as more black people are stopped than white people, which suggests that black people are discriminated against and thought more likely to warrant the stop and search principle to be applied to them.

2. Think about a community. Describe the benefits of equality and diversity within that community. [2.2]