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Equal Adoption
Adoption is the legal establishment of a relationship between parent and child who are or are not related. According to the Children’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services “any single adult or a husband and wife jointly can be eligible to adopt”. Adoption should not only be available to married and single heterosexuals but also to married and single homosexuals. Gays should not have to suppress who they are or hide their relationships to become a qualifying candidate for adoption. Homosexuality is not a disorder; it is a lifestyle choice. They attend school, have careers, and pay taxes just like heterosexuals. They are normal functioning people of society. Being gay should not be a determining factor as to whether or not adoption should take place. It should be based on the love and care available for the child and the financial stability of the potential parents. There are no rules or regulations to parenting. Good parents are considered to be responsible, trustworthy, caring, loving, etc. Heterosexuals are not the only people who possess these characteristics; gays do too. Therefore it would be unjust to deny homosexuals the right to becoming parents.
I am a strong believer that young children can grow up normally while being raised by a same sex couple due to my past experience. Gerald Nosich states, “the way we think is an adaptation to the surroundings we have lived in” (16). My nephew and his sisters were raised by his maternal grandmother and her female counterpart. They grew up as normal as any other child grows up. They did not suffer from the poor self-esteem, social withdrawal, or identity issues as the media often portrays when reporting about children with same sex parents. When I visited my nephew, it was never odd or weird being around his grandma and her significant other.
A family is a group of people who live together under one roof. In other words, a family consists of parents or guardians and children. The parents are responsible for raising the child or children. They are also supposed to provide the children with the love, care, and support that is needed. All families do not have the same structure. All kids are not raised by both of their biological parents. Some may be raised by only one parent, raised by members of their extended family, or raised by adoptive and foster parents. Some kids may have two mothers or two fathers. Just because children are not raised by a mother and father does not mean they are incapable of growing up to become successful and functional adults of society. For example, my family consisted of my mother, my little sister, and myself. My sister and I was raised on the love and care provided solely by my mother. Family is like a sports team; every member plays an important part in the development and growth of the family.
Movies, television shows, and advertisements do not typically display families that have two mothers or two fathers. They emphasize traditional family units that include a mother, a father, 2-3 children, and a pet. In reality, there are an increasing number of kids growing up in non-traditional households. There are many children, including myself, that are raised by single parents. Although my father was not present in my life when I was younger, I blossomed into a normal young lady. I did not suffer from depression or abandonment that the media says occur in non-ideal homes. My mother provided all the love and care that I and my sister needed. Children that are raised with same sex parents are not going to grow up and be detrimental to society. The children are provided with care from two individuals that love them and want the best for them.
I did not have many filters, barriers, or impediments that shaped the way I felt about same sex couples adopting. Those who are against same sex adoption are people who have impediments and barriers that they may not be able to overcome. Nosich states