Equal Love Essay

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Equal Love, Different Law

If this article was written in Russia, certainly it would be considered inappropriate for young readers. Probably, it would contain a warning message like this: “This material contains information which is not appropriate for readers under the age of 18”. However we do not live there, so this rule does not apply to us.
This kind of traits is part of the new bill dictated by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, against propaganda which promotes non-traditional sexual orientation. This law, signed in June, has had several repercussions all over the world, being seen as an attempt to criminalize and punish homosexuality in the country.
Since the new law, Russia has been under the spotlight these months. Politicians have been trying to cover up everything related to the controversy, due to the fact that the country hosts the Winter Olympic Games which will be held in Sochi. Actually, there are some speculations about a boycott against the organization of the event, mainly because of the unfair conditions homosexual people have had to cope with in the country.
Anton Krasovsky, a TV presenter who was promptly fired due to his sexual orientation, stated: “What is going on now in Russia contradicts its place in the world.” In January, during a live broadcast, he declared being homosexual saying that he was completely fed up with the fact that he had to lie about his life and being constantly insulted by the government.
At the present, few are the ones in Russia who admit being homosexual and those who do are attacked. They have been indeed harassed during a protest against the anti-propaganda bill outside the Duma state, the lower house of parliament, in which the opposites beat and drenched in water to the people in favor of the protest. The police, who were present at the moment, did not interfere with helping the people who were being attacked. A