Equal Opportunities In Wes Moore's Life

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This passage makes us question, if only people with ‘luck’ will be the successful ones? Successful ones to the point of being best suited to survive the harsh crimes of the world. Within this idea, the ideology of survival of the fittest appears. The ideology that in this case presents itself as individuals with more privilege to submerge themselves into a more well-being future. However, what does that mean for the other percentage of individuals without these gran opportunities? Where are they going to go? How are they going to survive the malevolent strings of the world? These individuals, who live under vicious circumstances without having any inspiration to discover another better world. A world that isn’t fill with any drugs, violence, or blood. …show more content…
A world were the author, Wes Moore found early enough to change the course of his life, a life that was headed to suffering. Nevertheless, without the fairness of opportunities between those who are privilege and those who aren’t, what guarantees us that violence won’t erupt? Violence, that will be trigger from those that don’t have enough opportunities trying to find an easier way to get them. Violence that will be written into our everyday lives, if fairness and opportunities don’t get spread equally. Violence that will continue if the vicious in-scripture of privilege lessens greatly. What if at the time of the other Wes Moore’s lives, that everyone had the same privilege? Will he still be in jail or would he be writing a book like the author, Wes Moore? Or better yet, would he be a well-renowned construction worker? These questions as painful as they are, will be just that, questions. Questions, that will be rounding our heads with thoughts of how unfairness the world happens to be, influencing those who easily succeed and those who