Essay about Equal Rights for Same-Sex Couples

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For years now same-sex couples have been fighting for equal rights. That topic is nothing new, we just believe that the gay and lesbian community have been quiet for various reasons. Many being that there are millions of citizens that believe being gay is wrong and how its immoral. We believe that citizens have this sense of religion towards the gay activism. That how it's religiously immoral for anyone not to obey the rules of the bible. In which proves the reason why some gay’s are sought to be anti religious after they the come out about their sexual orientation,and it's because they're seen as a sin from any religious activist. In which puts many gays in a pinfold situation where they can't express themselves in a way the want too. Although ,what we want to get to the bottom of is who put the idea of being gay a sin in the world , because the bible typically refers that in God’s eyes every human is equal no matter what. So we believe that if people would obscure the fraudulent illustration of gays being a sin ,and refer more to how God would want everybody to be viewed as equal, it will be a one step forward on enriching society.

Our society excesses of equality or equal opportunity. We have become practical in our thinking, for education has taught us to do so. Yet for a society that prides themselves on being superior in intelligence, technology and equality that we still discriminate against gay people and their right to marriage. Same-sex marriage is a big issue in the United States, some are against it some are for it. There are negative and positive reasons why society thinks it should be legal or illegal. The only thing that matters in a marriage is love. Marriage is a commitment between two people that love each other and want to share the rest of their life with each other. Originally that is what has been thought in American history. So it shouldn’t matter if the couple is two women or two men. So why not allow same sex marriage?

Same-sex marriages have family values and strong family benefits that some straight marriages lack, such as being more open-minded and accepting. Gay couples have even been proven to have stronger emotional bonds than straight couples.Same sex couples just want the benefits of being married like everyone else and there is no proof saying that it is wrong for them to have those benefits. By not allowing them to marry, America is depriving same sex couples of their rights to care for each other and provide for each other. A common married couple gets benefits on health, gets to make decisions that are best for