Equality and Diversity Essays

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A prejudice is an unfair or unreasonable preconceived view or judgement that is formed without being based on any specific grounds or sufficient knowledge

Discrimination means treating a person or group differently, often in a negative manner, based upon one or a small number of characteristics.

The effects of prejudice and discrimination * People being killed because of their race, nationality, religion or sexual orientation. * People being denied the right to vote. * People being subjected to physical attacks and verbal abuse. * People being deprived of legal rights. * People being denied education, jobs and opportunities. * People being generally treated as outsiders and second class citizens. * People accepting the negative views of themselves. * Communities and whole societies having greater conflict and being less efficient and harmonious. * Communities and societies built on hatred and contempt.
BENEFITS OF DIVERSITY * It can give people a wide range of experiences and opportunities. * The diversity brings new and different products and services. * There is also scope for a wider variety of friendships and relationships. * On many occasions, diverse qualities come together and create something new. For example, the combination of different cooking styles, different language patterns and different musical forms can lead to something exciting and fresh.

Person | Relationship | How they describe Fatima | Factors making a person what they are | Dan | Parent collecting his children after school | I see a smartly dressed black woman in her early thirties. | Physical | Chris | Work colleague | I see a brilliant research chemist. | Likes (career) | Sandra | Younger sister | I see an older sister who is kind, always helps me and someone who makes me laugh. | Emotions and values |