A Range Of Appropriate Investigative Methods That Can Be Used To Explore Diversity In A Community

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NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity
Unit 4: Living in Diverse Communities


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1. Describe a range of appropriate investigative methods that can be
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We have funded extra activities and are working with partners towards increasing the range of resources available for all young people aged 8 -19

How did we make a difference last year?  Employed a full time Activity Sheffield worker for the ward  Gave grants for holiday activities totalling £8,175 from Kids Can Do and ward budgets to community based projects, including Sheffield Cycle Speedway Club, Parson Cross Community Development Forum, Foxhill Forum

Using funding from this year’s ward budgets we will  Continue to fund a ward-based Activity Sheffield worker to organise out of school activities for young people and physical activities for the wider community  Continue grants for local groups from the Kids Can Do and Positive Activities programmes for summer activities for 8-13s  Fund a new community rounders project led by Activity Sheffield

Southey ward will benefit from projects which have been proposed for the Assembly area as a whole  Support for the co-ordination and networking of out of school and holiday activities for children and young people You told us that there were hotspots in the area where you did not feel safe. We will work with our partners to take positive measures to