Equality: Ethnic Group and Government Equality Essay

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Equality Essay
Prof. Greg J. Jungman
POLS 1113--American Government

Equality Equality is defined as” the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability”. (www.dictionary.com) The fight for equality in our nation as been a long battle that is still going on. We all have civil rights now, which means that in the 5th and 14th amendment everyone is protected and guarantee rights and privileges and protected from discrimination that could be passed to them due to their race, ethnicity, sex or religion. Equality of opportunity, this subject can be sticky because a lot of people will somehow find a way to say that they are not being treated equal in certain situations such as jobs. The subject of equality of opportunity has been brought out to give fairness in certain situations such as jobs, and school. Those with different political views also look at this differently, liberals disagree on what needs to happen to maintain and ensure equal opportunity. Whereas the conservatives feel that inequality and hierarchy that goes with it should remain the same due to respect for the tradition of the Constitution. For the most part when I look around I feel I see an abundance of equal opportunity in our nation. Considering we are a very diverse country with many different ethnic backgrounds. I honestly believe that where we are at as a nation it would be difficult to not be an equal opportunity country. If that were the case there would be more people without jobs and a lot more riots going on due to this fact. Equality of Outcome, this is a very controversial term used. As stated in Wikipedia, the term can be paraphrased as "equalising where people end up rather than where or how they begin". (www.wikipedia.com). When I see that it makes me think that the term equality of