Equality In Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron

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Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron” entails the story of the journey of equality in the future, which is spreading all around in many nations. This story is very powerful; it describes how equality can have horrible impacts on society and people’s individuality. The entire story revolves around Harrison Bergeron, who throughout the story is the symbol for defiance and individuality. He represents the citizens who will stand up and rebel against the government. Through the characterization of Harrison and the other supporting characters, Vonnegut explains how the idea of equality can go rogue.
Throughout the story, handicaps distracted the characters, and this affects their personality and individuality. For example, the character George has a buzzer that goes off in his head. ”On the television screen were ballerinas. A buzzer sounded in George’s head (Vonnegut 1387).
The setting of the story is in 2081, the story was written in the third person limited point of view, so the narrator is not a character. The tone used in this story is very humorous, despite the fact that it is full of dark themes and oppression. Every dark even in the story is paired with a light moment of humor or comedy.
Vonnegut opened up the first paragraph being
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This idea is encoded in the identity of America. It is in the constitution, “All men are created equal”. Throughout the story, he demonstrates equality in a utopian society. He cautioned Americans on the dangers of creating a truly equalitarian society. In his work, citizens were giving up their freedom to create a place where all people are equal. The beautiful people were forced to wear mask, people who were considered intelligent were to wear radio calls, and ear splitting noises that were supposed to alter their thinking. The author uses these things as symbols as emotional pain and the struggle that people had to go through in order to gain or establish