Equality: Individual Rights and Social Care Essay examples

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Wednesday 3rd October 2012
Unit 2 Pass 1

Define Equality, Diversity and Rights

Equality is used to ensure all individuals have equal rights and opportunities within society. Laws are in place to make sure that all individuals using the health and social care sectors and employees working within them have access to an opportunities policy which is put in place within a working environment to ensure everyone has the same choices and no one is treated differently. Equality is related to Health and Social Care settings because employees must ensure that the same service and duty of care is given to everyone in whichever way their individual needs will be met. An example of a Hospital care setting putting equality in place is that for example people with mobility problems cannot use push and pull doors and stairs therefore the hospital would have to ensure automatic doors are in place, lifts are working and ramps are accessible therefore this is giving every individual their own independence.
The term Diversity means that everyone has differences and that these differences should be accepted and respected. Diversity is a positive thing in health and social care because it means that all individuals are respected and valued and their needs are still met without their difference obstructing this. An example of how a Hospital ensures Diversity is in place is that they make sure that different races of people are mixed together on wards. Another example of how hospital put