Equality: Social Class Essay

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Social Action Plan

In today's society are general public followed by are gifted elites are facing a social crisis that is very visible and acknowledged by both sides of the spectrum. Each day the middle class working man wakes up to start a honest day of work were as to a elite could do the same but according to many numerous articles show that these elites are literally gifted a high income of their wealth and accommodated by political aid. This is a inequality that grass roots from time and time ago for wear their were rich there were poor, and the concept of both sides has not changed greatly since then, but in today's modern world the middle class man has earned the privilege and acknowledgment through title but not through action. For example a soldier dies a martyr for his country after the war is won but it’s the general and the politicians on the television that are blindly looked up to as war heroes when all they did was sit on the sidelines and watch. Inequality is an ever growing trend there will always be a new forms of inequality for example racism, prejudice, etc. Through history we see that its always after we make such dire mistakes that we realize we could have prevented such inequalities from the start, wars were waged blood was shed and we cannot recover what he have lost only then do we as humans realize that we have made a mistake and acknowledge it. But we as humans have emotion and thus a vendetta is created... Maybe not for revenge maybe not for hate but ones memory will not change in referring to the events that caused his loss and thus a barrier is created. Poor and rich will always co-exist with each other in society it’s apart of the general norms some feel that we as people have the same rights. You are wrong all of you have that one rich guy in your neighborhood building a large house with a large garage to park his fancy cars, but when do you see contractors looking to build an apartment building in the bridle path area. That happening is very uncommon that shows that the rich and wealthy are