Equation of Success: The Responsibilities that Students Must Own Essay

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In the article’s we read were asking the question, should High School students work part-time jobs while they are in high school? In my opinion students should experience their high school years without having an obligation to work a part-time job, unless they are forced to work under certain circumstances. Each student deserves the choice to decide whether they need or want a part-time job during their high school years. High school students should be able to work if they are good at time management and are ready to jump into the real world. John Favos landed his first part-time job his sophomore year at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, “I wanted to feel independent, and I felt it was time for me to see what the real world was really like (John Favos, 269).” Most of his paycheck went to his car payment and membership at a health spa, while he spent the rest on outside food he didn’t eat at home. Some people look at having a job in High School “an invaluable experience for adolescents, one that builds character, teaches responsibility and prepares them for entering the adult world (Dennis Mclellan, 271).” John Favos Grade Point Average (GPA) has risen ever since he got his job, or else his parents would make him quit the job he was making money at. However, if students aren’t dedicated to school, a part-time job could affect their grade. If students are failing or using their money for drugs, they should not work if it is affecting them negatively. “The authors of a provocative new book challenge conventional wisdom, contending that an over-commitment to work during the school years “may make teenagers economically wealthy but psychologically poor…” (Dennis Mclellan, 271).” Working and going to school can be challenging to some students. If they focus all their time on work and not school they will most likely fail, which will set them back in school if situations get bad. A good amount of students will use the money they get from their job and spend it on alcohol, marijuana, and other harmful drugs. 17% of delinquents have worked under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and working long hours under stressful conditions leads to increased drugs, alcohol, and marijuana use. Another high school student, Jackie Oakes said “I think if a kid isn’t interested in studying, having a job doesn’t impact that (273).” If a student never really studied or did homework before having a job, it wouldn’t make a difference by them having a job during the school years. However, students that get a job will learn skills they would use for future ones. Most students who work in high school learn beneficiary skills they will use in future career jobs. Shelley Staats worked many part-time jobs, one in which she works 25 hours a week in the lingerie department of Broadway in Costa Mesa. She likes to work to support herself, going out, and buying clothes. Working has also helped her manage both her time and money and working in the department store is providing her experience for a career in fashion merchandising. Most jobs will help kids figure out if that’s what they want to do as their job in life. Working many jobs can help you decide which career you