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Figure One

Employment Structure- levels of employment in the primary, secondary and tertiary Sectors. UK

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|Employment structure for the UK - An MEDC |
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|http://www.geography.learnontheinternet.co.uk/topics/empstruct.html |
|6th November 2012 |
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|Research – write this in your own words (applies to the above task) |
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|The UK has a low proportion of people working in primary industry. This is partly because of mechanisation. Machinery has taken over |
|jobs in the primary sector. Also, as primary resources have become exhausted (e.g. coal) The UK now imports a considerable amount of |
|its non-renewable resources. The number of people employed in the secondary sector is falling. This is because fewer people are needed|
|to work in factories as robots are taking over jobs. The tertiary sector is the main growth area. Most people work in hospitals, |
|schools, offices and financial services. Also, as people have more free time and become wealthier there is a greater demand for |
|leisure services. Therefore more jobs become available in the tertiary sector |
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|England Economic Structure |
|England’s economy is the largest amongst all the constituents of the UK. Agriculture is well developed and mechanized. Almost 60% of |
|the country’s needs are met by agricultural goods, while tea and wool are mainly imported. |