Equinox and Nooruz Eldik Mayram Essay

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Nooruz Hello. My name is Akmaral. Now i want to tell you about me favorite holiday which is Nooruz. March 21 - the day of the vernal equinox - remarkable astronomical and is celebrated annually worldwide date , which is associated with a lot of interesting things. And also in naxt day March 22 is my birthday. As it mentioned before?
The month of March was called the Kyrgyz Nooruz ( Nooruz Eldik Mayram kүnү ) . If this day a boy is born , they were called , according to tradition , Nooruzbayami or Nooruzbekami and girls just Nooruz or Nooruzgul(gul-flower). If this day snowing , it was considered a good omen . Even the girl's beauty in the Kyrgyz legends compared with white snow Nooruz since March usually goes soft fluffy spesial white snow.
On the feast of every family covered dastorkon - white tablecloth with a variety of dishes . Treats for neighbors to prepare traditional soup , popularly referred to as sumelek of wheat malt with the addition of flour, butter and sugar. On the eve of people put in order a house , pay off debts , put up with all of whom were at loggerheads . For as claimed old people when Nooruz enters their home, all diseases and failure should avoid them .
The night before the celebration of a sign wishes abundance of milk , crops and rain all containers filled with milk, ayran , corn, spring water ; and the feast of all tried to be in a good mood at the meeting was each other's with hug , expressed best wishes to all the hardships and troubles passed them . People tried to dress neatly , cleanly and possibly all new.
At noon the whole village was going for a walk . In the specified place in the village slaughtered bull and cooked meat from his Nooruz kezhe or chon kezhe - "big soup " - one of the most ancient ritual dish made of many components : meat, fat , rice, peas, barley , wheat, corn, talkan , flour, millet , sorghum , potatoes and spices. Food is prepared in an amount such that enough for all .
After the general meal begins the game " aykysh - uykysh " , which translated means " towards each other " and " audaryspek " , during which horsemen overtighten each other out of the saddle
Holiday Nooruz did not do well without wrestling , which could participate in and girls . Girl caused a controversy with the horseman on the condition that if he wins, will acquire…