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| | | Faculty of Creative Industries & Business Department of Accounting & FinanceBachelor of Business |
ACTY 5320 Law of Business Obligations
Assignment Two 15% of Course Mark

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Question 1 6.0 Marks Essay Question (Not more than 1,000 words)
Write an essay explaining the reasons for the development of the branch of law known as equity. You must use your own words and cite references in APA style.

The following are useful resources to start your research for Question 1, but you will need to extend your reading beyond these:

* Gerbic, P., Miller,L. (2010). Understanding Commercial Law (7th ed.). Wellington: LexisNexis (Text book)

The following books are in the Course Reserve collection in the library under Patricia Finlayson’s name and the course name and number. These books are available for three hours and possible extension if not requested by another student.

* Hubbard, J., Thomas, C., & Varnham, S. (2010). Principles of Law for New Zealand Business Students. (4th ed.). Auckland: Pearson. (Past Text book) * Webb, D., Sanders, K., & Scott, P. (2010). The New Zealand Legal System. (5th ed.). Wellington: LexisNexis * Mulholland, R.D. (2001). Introduction to the New Zealand Legal System (10th ed.). Wellington: Butterworths.

When searching within a document use control F and key words to assist you in finding information quickly.

Ask the librarians for assistance in searching for material if you have difficulties and Te Puna Ako staff can assist you with referencing and writing style.

Question 2 6.0 Marks Application Question (ILAC)

Murdock Cruises is a business which