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Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam
(Updated 4/17/13)
The exam registration process can be found in the Program Information and Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam Registration Instructions documents on the Nursing Program Information page (link to the left).
Please try to take the exam prior to January for the January 15, 2013 application period deadline. Please review the testing registration procedure in the Program Information document on theNursing Program Information web page, even if you have previously read this material.
A 3rd Edition of the Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam Review is available. It can be purchased online at and other booksellers. See the Program Information document accessible from the Nursing Program Information page of this web site for details about the book. This book is not thorough enough to be a complete study resource. You will need to study other materials, such as your Anatomy & Physiology text, to ensure success on this exam. The book has some vocabulary lists, math tables, and an overview of exam content, as well as practice questions/tests. One copy of the book is now available to checkout for 24 hrs by De Anza Students with student IDs in the Reserved Books section of the De Anza Library ( A copy is also available to use, but not check out, in the Allied Health and Nursing Resource Center (Bldg S-8, Room S-82, 408-864-8687).
Currently REQUIRED tests with scores: * 3 English tests (Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary) * Math * Biology * Anatomy and Physiology Suggested tests without scores: * Personality Profile * Learning Style
We recommend you take tests in the following order to ensure that you complete the required scored sections first: 1. Required tests with scores 2. Chemistry* 3. Personality Profile 4. Learning Style
* Chemistry is not required but we ask that you take it, if you have time. The results will assist us in evaluating its use in the future. Thank you.
Please remember that you need to monitor the time you spend on each of the required test sections. The test is 4 hours long.
If you score less than 75% on any required sections, you only have one more chance to retake the tests (within one calendar year from your first test session). You can combine the best scores from the first and second test sessions. Please note that you must request VERSION 2 of the Exam if you have to take it again. This is