Eras: Poetry and unruly Moody Boy Essay

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WILLIAM WORDSWORTH (Demonstrate in “Lines”)
Born on the Northern Lake district (his youth was in the country)
A vigorous, willful and sometimes unruly Moody boy
He likes the natural sights and sounds and getting to know the cottagers, Sheppard’s and solitary wanderers who moved through his imagination into his later poetry.
His early education was learning by heart passages from Shakespeare, Spencer and Milton. He knew Milton by heart
From childhood he had the interest of the scenery (landscape)
He is generally known as the poet of “remembrance of things passed,” passed memories never die like nostalgia
A fond memory of the past is always with you, keep roots with identity
Fervent democrat and proselyte of the French Revolution
Disillusion by the revolution made him have an emotional breakdown
There were three sources of influence on Wordsworth:
The French Revolution
His sister Dorothy
His best friend Coleridge
These were the three major forces in his life that made his recovery complete
Coleridge took him by hand and introduces him to literary circles.
To re-establish “a saving intercourse with my true self” are the experiences that underlie his poems
As a whole deserves its reputation as a revolutionary manifesto
It changes the nature of literature, created a wave that moved from English to other language and traditional culture. It is still being felt in the world today
He undertook to overthrow the basic theory, practice, and denies the traditional assumption that the poetic genre has hierarchy, decorum and diction on the poetic scale
Choose “incidents and situations from common life”
Write in simple “language