Ergonomics: Computer and Hands In-between Thoughts Essay

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OHS Committee – IT User’s Issues

Physical Issues

Physical issues that may affect the employee may stem from certain emotional stress in the work place. Listed below are unfortunately common issues, which may be caused by the office workplace.

• Focusing on your computer screen causes eyestrain that may result in headaches, blurred vision and itchy, scratchy eyes. Look away from your computer periodically to give your eyes a rest. Switch your contacts for glasses whenever possible.
• Good posture is the key that keeps back pain at bay. Sitting on your bed or on the ground while you're using your laptop may be convenient, however it is hard on your back. The ideal way to sit is in a chair with your feet on the ground. Get up and walk around at least once an hour.
• Typing on a computer keyboard requires you to repeat the same motion over and over; this causes inflammation called Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Place your keyboard on a slight angle and shake out your hands in-between thoughts.
• Looking down at your computer for hours can give you a stiff neck. Place your computers' monitor at eye level. Do neck rolls and shoulder shrugs throughout the day.

Ergonomic Issues

Computer – Related Ergonomic problems can be caused by both work-related and non-work related factors. These Computer-related Ergonomics problems are only getting worse, as more of us use desktop and laptop computers all day, then again at night, we are spending more time in front of our computers and we will pay the price if we do not pay attention to our postures and bodies. Here is a list of the computer set-up related causes:

• Awkward and poor posture
• Repetitive motions and tasks
• Forceful movements
• Poor workplace set-up
• Sitting in same posture for continuous long hours
• Lower back and /or leg support is inadequate
• Poor lighting
• Documents and monitor screen not at same angle and plane
• Keyboard and computer mouse not at same angle and plane

Solving computer-related ergonomic problems is all about postural education, postural adjustment and the re-arrangement of the computer set-up to be within ergonomic guidelines.

Psychological Issues

A study found that people who spent the most time in front of a computer or television were more likely to have psychological problems. People who spend longer than two hours in front of a computer or television screen are more likely to suffer psychological difficulties, regardless of how physically active they are. They may suffer from:

• Computer Addiction
• Lack of Social Well-Being
- Those who spend an excessive amount of time in front of the computer playing games, surfing the web and participating in social networking sites spend less time having live social interaction. They avoid doing meaningful activities such as sports and other social activities that can