Ergonomics: Occupational Safety and Health and Work Environment Essay

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“Ergonomics is fitting the job to the worker’s capability and size” (pg 230, Stevenson). “It is actually related to the design of equipment, work methods and work space to remove awkward reaching and bending, forceful gripping of tools, heavy lifting and endless repetition of motion” (pg 230, Stevenson). Its objective is to fulfill the two goals which are increasing productivity and maintaining employee health. Costco tries to implement safety in the design of their equipment so that it is easy to use and prevents repetitive injuries.
For Costco, employees are a very important asset for maintaining their image as an industry leader. Costco has very extensive and periodic (yearly basis) training for its workers. That is very practical, innovative and theoretical in house training. Warehouse is very large and cleaned for people movement. They are very serious about healthy and safety work environment. They have safety member for every 25 employees. Safeties members do walk periodically for making sure everyone is qualified and check fire extinguishers. People work there in a very systematic way. Two axels is weight restriction for each people. They put light stuff on the top of the heavy stuff, because it is easy to lifting for employee. They mix heavy and light stuff together, because if it loads only light stuff, then heavy stuff cannot load everything. Equipment does check before using which is appropriate to use for employees. People do wrap and strap 20 unloads per day. But now everything strapped comes from China and already all products are clamped before enter into the warehouse. Actually…