Why Is Exercise Beneficial To Us

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Eric Huang
Susan Rae
23 February 2015
Exercise Is Beneficial To Us Doing exercise is good for us, our health and our mood. We can make our body fit because it makes us healthier through exercise. However, some people do not like doing exercise because they do not know the benefits of exercise to us. We can know our strength when we do exercise, which means we can know what we can do or what we cannot do. We also can make lots of friends and develop our friendship through exercise. What is more, we can decrease our pressure from study or work and relax ourselves. To some extent, exercise can promote world peace. In my view, we should keep doing exercise as much as we can and exercise can make us healthier and better. We can fit ourselves and develop our friendship between friends, even countries. We know exercise can develop our coordination that makes us react faster and smarter. We do exercise with friends and we can know more each other. In addition, we also can know more about ourselves and we can develop ourselves by training hard to become better and stronger. Furthermore, exercise also can develop friendship between countries. For example, Yao Ming in NBA plays basketball that makes more and more people know more NBA and to some extent, promotes economic and cultural communication between China and America. The Olympic Games also can improve friendship between countries that maintain world peace. In summary, exercise can make us better and make this world better.
However, some people think exercise is not good for us because exercise may hurt themselves easier. They feel muscular soreness after exercise so they do not like to do it. They hate the feeling that makes them tired. Some people are too busy to do exercise. They think work and study are the most important things to them so they spend too much time in them that makes they get much pressure. In addition, some people are lazy and just want to stay at home to watch TV, play game or sleep that makes them unhealthy. They think exercise is not the part in their lives and keep away from it. As we know, this is an unhealthy lifestyle for people who do not exercise and the lifestyle is also bad for our bodies. In fact, we can do and know something about exercise and we would prefer to do exercise. We should do enough preparation to prevent ourselves from injures before exercise. The