Rebel Without A Cause: Rebellion To Tyrants Is Obedience To God

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Erick Borgen
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February 16th 2015
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Rebel without a cause
"Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God."- Benjamin Franklin. Millions of people in our history, maybe even billions have challenged some type of tyranny or structure. There’s are many rebels that we are not exposed to. We know George Washington, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther king, Mahatma Gandhi and the list goes on and on. In “One World, Many Cultures” we are exposed to many heroes, but a rebel that stood out was Waris Dirie in “The Tragedy of Female Circumcision” Rebellion against cultural expectations become necessary when there is no choice, freedom is limited, and the decision to better our own lives.
Doing something different whether it’s with bad intetions or good intetions are a form of rebellious act. There are two types of rebels there are ones who are looking to better one or many lives including themselves. Then there are ones who are out to cause evil. Im talking about murders, robbers, and rapists. There’s different reasons which cause these types of rebel to go insane and cause cruelty. There are many consequences to these types of rebels. Most of our heroes are the ones who challenged the status quo and dared to stand up. They did not just stand up for themselves, but they stood up for similar people in similar situations. As a lot of cultures are told to follow the rules and keep on the tradition, we learn as human beings a lot of these rituals are not sane. Whether it’s religeous or not, we sometimes got to challenge these beliefs Born into a culture, that already had plans for her. No one special, but someone who was to fill her duty as someone who carried the cultures tradition and live life just like everyone else. Waris Dirie was born in Somalia and as a child she had to face female circumcision. A custom that was practiced to differ the gender roles. She had no choice but to face the female circumcision, because she was only 5 years old. A procedure that was extremely dangerous and there was a great chance of death. “One of my younger sisters and two of my cousins died from this procedure.” (pg 177) At the age of 13 Dirie was going to get married to a man who her father found for her “He looked so old. I thought there has to be