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Over the course of our history, man has done great things to advance or evolution and place on this earth. Great people who thrive for knowledge have been recorder in our history books for centuries to come. Men and women who have paved the way to a better future, but our history also has those that have done horrible crimes against humanity. Those people have set back our kind for years and years. Our history has recorded it all, but has anyone ever asked why? I'll tell you why. It so we can learn from our past mistakes and grow into something better. This is why the holocaust and the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel should be taught in high schools. There are those who appose this idea and believe that this subject glorifies Hitler and his horrid crimes against humanity. They feel that teaching students this topic will shine a light on Nazis and give them more fame. History has shown that giving massive attention to crimes like these might inspire psychos to try their hand and replicate it. In the 1900 murders on news papers would show up with almost the exact method of doing the crime years only a year apart. In the novel "Night", it speaks of the SS officers photographing some of the prisoners to document what they were doing. This showed that Hitler and the Nazis were proud of what they were doing. They were most likely hoping after they had accomplished their goal to show others how great they were and in teaching this topic also letting the Nazis get what they want. They couldn't be more wrong. We learn from our mistakes to shape a better future. The students would benefit greatly from learning about the holocaust. We cannot hide the truth of what happened to so many people.Think about those who survived the holocaust; I am certain that not one person would want the world to