Ericsson Bangladesh Hr Policy Essay

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EBL HR Policy Manual


1 Recruitment: 3 1.1 Recruitment Process: 3

2 Terms & Conditions of Employment: 3 2.1 Working Hours: 3 2.2 Office Hours during Hartal: 3 2.3 Public Holidays: 4 2.4 Probation: 4 2.5 Confirmation: 4 2.6 Transfer: 5 2.7 Promotion: 5

3 Termination of Employment: 6 3.1 Termination: 6 3.2 Exit Process: 6 3.3 Dismissal: 7 3.4
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Prior approval from Line Managers needs to be obtained to stay in the Guesthouse.

Office timing remains flexible during Hartal days and employees may come to office at a time they feel safe and comfortable on the road. Reasonable transportation cost will be reimbursed (Claim form) during hartal days. This cost can be claimed via SSC Manila as per the normal expense claim process. Claims need to be approved by the Cost Centre Owner.

3 Public Holidays:

The Company will observe holidays as per the List of Holidays announced at the beginning of the year. The Company will use the MCCI (Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industry) published list of holidays as the basis of determining the holidays it will observe as Company public holidays.

4 Probation:

All Bangladeshi permanent employees are required to undergo a probationary period of 6 months. If the performance of an incumbent is not found suitable during the first 6 months; the probation period may be extended for another 3 months with clear targets. The duration of the probation period may be varied at the discretion of the Company.

5 Confirmation:

HR will inform the Line Managers two weeks in advance from the date of their subordinate’s confirmation. All Line Managers will evaluate their employees in the prescribed Probation Appraisal form