Erik The Red Short Story

Words: 1078
Pages: 5

Erik the Red “This is ridiculous!” yelled Erik as he stormed into the palace of the Iceland council. “Erik the Red, welcome, sit down,” Replied the middle council member coolly. Erik glared at the three council members as he stalked towards the chair that faced them. Once he sat he heard a sound and realized it was the blood from the men he had killed still on his favorite wolf pelt dripping on the stone floor. He also smelled sort of like blood but that could have been the palace. Erik wondered who else had sat in this chair. Probably great men like me, he decided. Slowly Erik looked over the men in front of him: first the Viking as short as Erik’s own child with a tomato red face and lightning bolt scar across his forehead, then the clean, …show more content…
Eventually he just decided to sail south so he loaded up his family and a couple friends and they left Iceland. They sailed for weeks until they came upon a huge, uninhabited island. The island was mostly covered in ice but Erik loved it. He spent the next three years living and exploring this new island he called “Erik’s Land.” After his three years were over he decided to go back to the Iceland council and ask if he could be declared the official finder of his new land and then bring back more people to live on his land. While sailing back he decided to call it Greenland to make it seem more welcoming and inhabited than it was. “Hello friends,” Erik boomed as he strolled into the council of the Iceland high chiefs. He had a smile on his face and a pep in his step as he went to the chair he was now excited to sit in. He looked at the three men before him, all the same in appearance as before yet this time they all wore the same confused expression. “Haven’t seen you in a while killer,” the little man said and then laughed big belly laughs at his own joke. The little man knew he was the funniest in all of Iceland but no one had a good enough humor to appreciate his comedian