Erika Harrison: Twelve-Day In The Emergency Room

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Nursing school is a difficult challenge but nothing is as more difficult for Erika Harrison than working a twelve hour shift in the Emergency room. Erika Harrison spent twelve years working as an EMS before she decided to take the plunge and attend nursing school. Harrison was inspired to work with Emergency Medicine due to her love and passion for her EMS job. The author of the article, Erika Harrison, writes about her exciting and challenging twelve hour work day in the emergency room. Harrison is not the only author of this article, Olivet Nazarene University Graduate nursing program published this article. Throughout Harrison’s writing it is apparent that she uses ethos, logos, and pathos to describe her twelve hour work shift, with pathos standing out and being the strongest of the three. …show more content…
She describes to the readers how she mentally prepares herself for these next twelve hours and how she starts her own process of beginning to focus on the tasks ahead of her: “Early yes, but you’re headed into organized bedlam, so a few extra minutes or a quiet cup of coffee are not only helpful, but required” (Harrison). As the article continues Harrison arrives at the emergency room and describes to the readers what her tasks are before her shift truly begins. By reading this far into the article it is apparent that Harrison is writing for readers in the medical field. This could be anyone who is inspiring to be in the nursing field just like Erika Harrison, a doctor reading the daily life of an ER nurse, or anybody who has a true interest in medical careers. The author most likely did not know that this article could attract people in doctor offices waiting for their appointment, her own family, or anybody who were to read this