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Erin Wright
A&P Extra Credit

• Reflect on the body’s amazing complexity and how in extreme situations it coordinates all systems into a “form‐follows‐function” machine. How has your appreciation for the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis and fight for survival changed after going through this class? Be sure to use references from BOTH videos to support your reflection.

The body is amazing. We all take our bodies for granted. I never really understood my body until after this class. I definitely appreciate my body a lot more after watching these videos. Sports players do not realize the wear and tear they put on their bodies while playing. For example, the football player felt like he was being shot just because a muscle was pulled in his shoulder. One thing that blew my mind is the fact that the man that got thrown from the tornado didn’t break a single bone in his body. It’s crazy that when our muscles are relaxed or we are knocked out we are not at risk of damaging as much. It’s so unexplainable how in the second video it seems like time goes on forever when we are in a possibly dangerous situation. Like the bungee jumpers, they thought it lasted forever but it was really on 50 seconds. Our mind controls everything we do. A step on a nail, or when falling off a cliff, our mind lets us know that we are in danger and we need to do something about it. Mostly everything in the videos involved adrenaline. Without adrenaline our pain would be higher and we…