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The Life And Early Works Of Ernest Hemingway “My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way.” (Ernest Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway was an incredibly popular writer in the 20th century. Where most writers of his time wrote long descriptive sentences Hemingway was quite the opposite, his work was appreciated for being incredibly brief and to the point. Hemingway was born into a rather conservative home, and went on to live a not so conservative life, and write some of the most popular literature of his time. Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park Illinois on July 21, 1899. Oak park was an upper middle class suburb, with very conservative ideals, just ten miles from the city. In his early life Hemingway was raised on his family’s values including religion, and self determination. His family vacationed at lake Michigan where his father taught him how to hunt and fish, which Hemingway greatly enjoyed, and nature became a big part of Hemingway’s life, and his work. Hemingway’s mother Grace, who was a trained singer, taught him music however, he never took much interest in the craft. Later in his life when Hemingway was in high school he experimented with many activities. He played several sports including football, basketball, and swimming, but never excelled in any of them. However Hemingway found his passion working on the school newspaper called the Trapeze. At this time most of Hemingways work was playful and humorous. Hemingway graduated in 1917 and instead of going to college he went to work on the Star newspaper in Kansas City, thanks to his Uncle Tyler who was a friend of the editor. At this time the United States was amidst the height of world war one and as soon as Hemingway turned eighteen he immediately attempted to enlist in the army. However, he was rejected due to his poor vision. Upon his rejection he quit his job at the Star and became a volunteer ambulance driver for the Red Cross and moved to Europe. He began in Paris, and then received orders to go to Milan, where he experienced first hand the horrifying effects of war. An ammunition factory had exploded and Hemingway had to carry many dead,