Ernest Hemingway Research Paper

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Ernest Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois. His father was a physician and his mother was a musician. Hemingway was named after his grandfather, but later in his life he stated that he hated the name because the name was associated with a naive character from a play called The Importance Of Being Earnest. Later in his adulthood, Hemingway openly stated his hatred towards his mother even though he cites her as an influence for his work. After he graduated high school, he was a reporter for the Kansas City Star, but left the job because he enlisted with the World War I. Hemingway’s first marriage was in 1921 with Hadley Richardson but they divorced 6 years later. Throughout the rest of his life, he remarried 3 more times …show more content…
My first reaction was questioning why Liz wouldn’t just walk up to Jim if she were so desperately in love with him. Secondly, after what seemed like years of waiting for Liz to speak with Jim, their first conversation was quite frankly abrupt and awkward. Jim walked up to Liz and just kissed her out of nowhere without any reasoning beside the fact that he’s drunk. My main concern is why Liz wouldn’t stop him from continuing. Sure, she liked him, but she kept begging for him to stop but never did anything about it. The ending is my biggest problem because after Jim passes out from being drunk, Liz just leaves his unconscious body on the dock by the water. It had me saying, “Come on Liz, really?” repeatedly.
Hemingway used to spend his summers as a child up in Michigan. I think it was a good choice for a title because not only does it tell a story between two characters, but it also reflects on Hemingway’s own life. After researching the story’s meaning it seems to be based on one of Hemingway’s early experience with women, which gives further reasoning to believe Hemingway named it the way he
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Jig only mentioned the hills in the distance a few times and compared them to white elephants. I would have preferred the title be changed to something more related to the central plot of the story rather than something obscure. There is potentially something of significance related to the hills because the couple could be traveling there, but since they were mentioned vaguely the title shouldn’t have been named the way it was.
“Fathers and Sons” is a about a father reminiscing about his family while driving home with his son after going hunting. My initial reaction of the story is that it is a cute family story of growing up and maturing. Nick grows to accept the fact that his son is moving away but makes she he is sure of his decision before moving away with Trudy, a girl from a Native American camp nearby. I liked how Nick and his family has a hunting background because not only is it relatable to many readers, but also it runs Nick’s family like it does with others.
I think the choice for the title for this short story made perfect sense. The story wasn’t in need of any thought-provoking name like “Hills Like White Elephants” as it was better to keep it simple. The story was about a family’s grandfather, father, and son, so titling it the way Hemingway did further exemplifies the meaning of the