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Wild Turkey American Honey Student Brand Ambassador Programme Application Form 2013

Please return this application form ASAP to Sam at

1) American Honey is a premium brand to represent. What qualities do you have which you think are important to this role?

It’s important to always to be friendly and engaging with possible consumers ensuring that you are able to educate them on the brands values and ideologies.
Looking fresh and approachable when representing the brand, smiling and portraying a pleasant demeanor so that the consumer leaves with a positive first impression of the drink and those involved in promoting it.

2) As part of this position we will be requiring you to organize some small scale sampling events at popular student club nights at your university / around your city. Please describe in brief detail exactly how you would go about achieving this?

I would team up with a couple of popular student night promotional groups such as rough hill and Social Junkies who I have worked with before on previous activities. These two groups run successful student nights at a number of different venues in the city and have a big following. In teaming up with these groups we would be able to advertise on their social media platforms too letting everyone know we’ll be sampling at their events.
I would also speak to a denim company perhaps, e.g. Levis and speak to them about doing some sampling from the store as from what I have seen from the brand there is a western, denim wearing feeling emanating. In Manchester there are a few Student Lock in events where I think this would be suitable.

3) What experience have you had working with brands and / or promotions?

I have just finished a long term almost 3 year contract with Relentless Energy Drink where I was one of two BA’s based in the North. We sampled around 500+ cans each month regularly organizing events. We managed all aspects from finances, travel, entertainment, access and set up of our activation. I have gained great sampling experience from working at all of the energy drinks festivals during the summer frequently working 14hour days.

I have also represented Maoam, Southern Comfort and Jaagermeister as a brand ambassador and have performed a variety of roles within a team.

5) If you were asked to achieve some American Honey PR in your student paper, how would you go about it and what would your article be about?

I am fairly familiar with a few writers at The Mancunian and so I would invite them down to a big sampling session outside of my universities union possibly including a western band to create the right atmosphere.
I’d invite everyone at the paper to come, introducing them to this exciting new drink.
Running a competition through the paper to run alongside