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Error Management
Cassandra Galarneau
June 1, 2013
Morris Polston

When faced with having to manage errors, an immediate and organized response is of the utmost importance. Following company protocols will aid in controlling and rectifying the situation at hand. Communicating the facts surrounding the incident will provide the needed assistance in managing the issue, decreasing down-time and maintaining safety. Utilization of safety protocols will protect the employees involved and reduce the risk to outside vendors and the general public. My actions and reactions to this problem can have a positive or negative impact on the final outcome.

Error Management
As a plant manager that has just learned a mistake has been made in the release of quarantined products, it is my responsibility to act in a professional, responsible and communicative manner. My decisions must be timely, expeditious and intuitive. “Being decisive in a crisis can mean the difference between success and failure” (Claiborne, 2011).
I must take into consideration such issues as: Why did this happen? How did it transpire? When did it occur? What must be changed to ensure this will not happen in the future? How can this situation be controlled so our company does not lose the clients’ respect and trust?
A situation such as this can make or break my future with this company. I will base my decisions and actions on what is best for the company, the safety of our employees and others, the future integrity of the product and, lastly, what is best for me. I will accept responsibility for what has happened and work tirelessly to improve processes, protocols and training.
The first action I would take is to ensure the safety of our employees and our facility. I would then set up a command center to handle all incoming and outgoing communication. I would assess the amount of product released, time of loss, dangers posed to the public and the proper channels for product recovery. I would instruct employees to reference quarantine and recovery protocols, MSDS sheets, secure the remaining product and begin logging the occurrence. All of this would be done to minimize loss.
I would notify my immediate superior, Operations Manager, VP of Manufacturing and Safety Officer. I would then begin the task of determining the location of the released product and arrange for its’ immediate return to our facility. I would apprise these individuals of what has already been accomplished and the plan I have laid out to bring this to a timely conclusion. I would also notify any required outside agencies of the product release, its current location and when it is expected to be returned.
Notifying our customer is important. It is better that they hear of the incident from our company and not a media outlet. Our conversation must be honest, factual and professional. Mistakes happen but we do not want to lose our reputation for quality and integrity in the marketplace. “Corporate image secures the brand name that it presents to the general public. Brand identity in the diversified market is a critical factor that determines the prevalence of its services and sales” (Mutua, 2008).
Regrouping and refocusing of staff is very important. I would speak to my employees about what has happened. I would ask them to jot down notes about the sequence of events and their