Error Avoidance in Postmodern/Cas Essay

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Error Avoidance in Post Modern/Complex Adaptive System
Charles Holloway
MHA601 Healthcare Administration
Dr. Ona Johnson
July 2, 2012

In this new emerging world that we live in today managing healthcare organizations have been force to develop new ways to manage Healthcare organization From these changes of healthcare organizations the postmodern complex adaptive system has evolved. Before the development of this theory healthcare organizations have been unable to manage healthcare in an efficient and productive manner. From this inefficient management managers began to face new challenges which lead to poor choices, managers made for the companies they represented. In the following paragraphs I will show ten scenarios and
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The sixed error according to Johnson(2010f) is “ignoring the speed with which the informal organization can transmit a messages and, therefore to manage rumors in a productive manner”(p 80). Taking into consideration new types of communications devises available in today’s new technological world through text messages, emails and word of mouth can create big communication and relational problems if ignored. In the postmodern/CAS theory managers should observe in order to learn what is happening in real time. Such as understanding the dynamics of communication of the workers, the clicks that develop and the clashes that exist in the work care environment. This essential information need to be understood by management to prevent fears and false information that can affect a healthcare organization. The seventh error according to Johnson(2010g) is the “failure to treat the organization’s dominant logic as an emergent property of the system and, instead, treating it as something that can be imposed on the system”(p 80). This problem with this scenarios is that healthcare organizations is constantly changing and evolving, developing new surgeries procedures, implementation of new equipment, and dealing with new economic changes. Making managers that try to impose dominant logic on the system difficult if not impossible. Postmodern/CAS tells is that it is important that we include the workers in the development of the