Ervice Performance and Service Quality of the Starbucks. Essay

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1.0 Introduction

It is the intention of this essay to critically analyse our team performance for discussion of the service delivery process of the Starbucks coffee shop. Secondly, this easy will evaluate some important fators about service performance and service quality of the Starbucks.

2.0 Discussion

I am a member of group fighters. Our group has chose Starbucks coffee to evaluate the process and manner of its service delivery.

We went to the Starbucks coffee shop where is in the Swanston Street. We bought a cup of coffee for each one, and then we discussed this coffee shop’s service. Our group discussed some elements that are about critical
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Those technologies can speed the Starbucks service process.

Sometime, during the staff takes order, it might has some mistakes, like the drink customers get is different from the ordering from customers, or sometimes, customers have some special requests for the drinks, but when the staff make the drink, he/she forget the customers’ special requests. Those are some potential problems or errors.
We all agree the variation, customization and flexibility of drinks is limitation. Customers only can order like they want to add milk in the coffee but no sugars. They cannot order the drink too complicated, such as customer wants to put some tea into the coffee. The Starbucks wouldn’t do it.

We discussed the opportunities for alternative delivery systems of the same core service product. The core service products are that the Starbuck coffee shop offers coffee, tea, maybe milkshakes and simply food to customers. We think they can offer home delivery service in the future. It likes customers can order though the phone or websites, then the staffs will deliver the products to customers’ home or office.

I think the balance between service delivery efficiency form an operational and management perspective, and the customer’s need for attention in a satisfactory time is that they offer a high quality and efficiency service, as well as a great taste of drinks. Customers can