Es 102 Chapter 1 Review Essay

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Topic Summary:
The reason people question the benefit or affirmative action even while inequality still exists is the possibility that a more qualified white male may be overlooked in favor of women and minorities due to affirmative action laws and the idea that in doing so would cause reverse discrimination. “Reverse discrimination is an emotional term, because it conjures up the notion that somehow women and minorities will subject White men in the United States to the same treatment received by minorities during the last three centuries.”( Schaefer 12th edition chapt. 3 pg. 78) Some people believe that color-blind policies are the answer.

Although I already knew about discrimination against women and minorities, what I found new was that Asian American men and women earn more yearly than White women even though they are among the minority ( Schaefer 12th edition chapt. 3 pg. 69 Figure 3.3).
I feel as though the theme of this weeks assignment was work related discrimination and what has been done to attempt to protect minorities at work and in schools from discriminatory action.

After reading this weeks course material I feel as though little has been done to change my opinions, on page 63 and figure 3.2 on pages 66 and 67 in the text book discusses discrimination against black men and what men after serving jail time and how it is discrimination to eliminate people with a felony record or drug offences from many job opportunities. However they mention that it disproportionately