Esaay: Vegeta and Man Name Goku Essay

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Goku vs. superman

In a universe, of cartoon were ever thing happen. A man name goku, born on the planet vegeta, and he had massive power, his main objective in his life was to have good fights and take care of family. But the problem was ever few years a super powerful bad guy was after the dragon balls. They will have succeeded if goku wasn’t the good guys. But today a new bad guy came after the dragon balls, by the name of Pikachu. He had destroy a small city. Goku of course came as soon as he heard the news. Pikachu unlike the other, goku saw that Pikachu had different power, Pikachu open a portal behind goku, then blasted him with a ki bomb sending the saiyan hero on to a diffen dimension, goku didn’t know what he was in, but he knew he was going fast. As he entered this dimension over a city know as metropolis, he was still moving a high speed. A women the girlfriend of superman saw what appeared to be a meter when she called superman to go with her to look at meter when they got there, something that look like hair glowing and so it was understandable for superman to attack the first thing that even looked like it will cause danger to his girlfriend. at the secand that goku shoot up out of the hole that the meteor made. Hel anded , hair glowing the golden energy of super saiyan and blue energy coming from his fists, looking around for Pikachu to pay him back for the cheap shot. When superman saw this violent alien, he attack first and ask questions later. Goku not willing to go down with out fight no matter who he was fighting, struggled at how well this strange alien man could fight and decided to kicked thing up a few notches. Superman didn’t hold back. Goku not to to be out done decided to bring out the big guns. He jump up into super saiyan two and then three , his hair growing out