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Take home essay #2

People immigrate to the United States because they believe that opportunities are here; they are hoping that immigrating in the Uniited States can change their lives and their family. However, there are people who just wait for the fortune to come along, which by means that they do not really do anything to achieve their goals and obtain the purpose of leaving their homeland and their love ones. Considering this issue, I believe that in order to achieve our goals in life, we must step up and work hard for it. And to be able to do so, you need to learn how to properly communicate with others especially with profesionals. In the United States, English is one of the top requirements to get a lot of oppportunities. If you know how to write and speak english well, it can get you places to places. Therefore, for people who are immigrating to the United States and wants to have a better life, you must be “fully integrated” which by means you know how to accordingly speak english and adapt the way of living of the society to get lots of opportunities which can give you a more suitable life and be considered by everyone.
Having a great communicatuion skills,considerably in english language, can give you alot of opportunities. Immigrants should learn English language to get a job because these days, companies require everyone should atleast learn the basic english. Many people wants to immigrate in the United States with a hope that they will have a better life because they believe that there are alot of opportunities here that they can get. However, some people are blind to see that opportunities will not come to you not unless you work hard for it. People should know how to properly communicate and socialize. In the article “Mother’s Tounge”, Amy Tan states that her mother used to make her do phone calls on the phone to speak with business mans rather than doing it by herself due to limitation of speaking english. Also, some of them associates make fun of her Mom because of her “broken english” (Tan,107). Without having the ability of speaking in english properly Tan’s Mom was being neglect and degrade. Language is very impotant because that is the main thing we use to communicate to one another. Some people feel that an immigrant may still succeed as a productive American citizen without knowledge of English; this may be true but there is a very low probabilty this could happen because english is the worldwide language. If an immgrant don’t know how to communicate there is a very low chance that they will get a job and provide their daily needs for themselves or for their family.
Immigrants should learn how to speak proper english so other people will respect you and give you their undivided attention. Learning English language is a must; immigrants should know how to speak the language properly so people will listen to you and will not step on your dignity. By being “fully intgrated” you can gain respect from people. Having that said, unfortunately, there are people who are not open minded and criticize others because of the way they speak: they of you as less intelligent if you do not speak english well. In addition, United States requires immigrants to learn basic english. In the article “Mute in an English-Only World”, Chang-rae Lee states that his Mom always bring him to the butcher with the hope that he can help her communicate with others. He also mentions that her Mom was being insulted and disrespected by the people in the butcher because they cannot understand her way of speaking english. In this article, people look down for Lee’s mother because they think she is ignorant and unintelligent. Although, Chang-rae Lee’s Mom is really smart and brilliant because In South Korea she have good reading knowledge of the language from the University classes. Some people are arrogant and immodest; they judge other people by the way they communicate to