Eschatology Essay

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Bishop Patteson Theological College

Eschatology and Soteriology
Assignment One
(What cultural module you would use to explain Eschatology to your congregation)

Name: Ellison Gito
Semester: One
Diploma: Three
Year: 2013
Due date: March,

Lecturer: Rev. Fox Mark


1) Introduction 1

2) Definition of Eschatology 1

3) Traditional Belief to Eschatology in Isabel 2

4) Biblical Foundation to Eschatology in the Old Testament 3

5) Biblical Foundation from the New Testament 3
a) Eschatology from Saint Paul
b) Eschatology from the Gospels 4

6) Theological Reflection to Eschatology 4

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Perhaps according to this perception we already convince that people did to die and rot away in the grave with no hope. Hence, we see San George Island as a venue of hope for those who are dying, rather than looking to the Grave as the end. The very fundamental aspect that comes out very clear here is that even though people knew nothing about such place as “Heaven” but still we see people continue to uphold a kind of Hope that people still live after death somewhere. I believe other Islands also have their, but perhaps quit different. Pittenger also have the same understand when he said;
Before Heaven, however, there is a necessary process of cleansing, renovation, and purgation of remnants of the evil committed in mortal existence. Central in the whole concept is the conviction that only those who are pure in heart can see God. Hence a preparation for that vision is required; this purgatory provides.

Furthermore, our people also believe very much that those who die always remain with us. By saying this, we believe that they left us only from their physical presence, but they remain with us in a spiritual form. Hence, this may be one of the reasons why people call onto their death relatives to support or even lead them to certain kind of comfort when they encountered problems in life. Again, here we can still say that our people in the ancient times still believe that people live after death and of course this the “Hope” that correlates to