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Yujie Zhai Creativity
What is creativity? At the period of the ancient, people learned to make fire to cook , to scare beasts and to warm themselves. The purpose of all those things was to live a cosy life. The creativity is just like the fire. People strive to better their life in all ages. To achieve that, difficulties are born on the way. Only by being creative, can life be improved. In fact, creativity is all about making people’s life better and better.
Creativity makes people’s life become more and more convenient. People use their creativity to innovate new things, like cars, improving their lifestyle. In the field of business, like automobile, a car can take up the market immediately, but there are always some new ideas which come from human minds to replace the stereotype, as in the case of Henry Ford. In 1907, Henry Ford decided to lower the cost of manufacturing in order to make cars affordable to ordinary people. At that time, he built the largest factory, introducing Assemble Line into mass production and reducing the cost of time and labor. This novel system did lower the price of manufacturing cars, allowing normal people to afford cars. Henry Ford using his creativity to replace the old means of automobile manufacturing allowed middle-class to afford cars.
Furthermore, creativity not only can better people’s life, but also can make the one who is creative successful. That Henry Ford innovated the Assemble Line, lowering the price of automobile cars allowed him to succeed and promoted the whole industry forward. Similarly, Michael Jackson, the king of pop, used his creativity to make himself become popular and successful. After he began his solo career in 1971, the music videos of his songs, including Beat it, Billie jean and Thriller, turned the media into a form of art and a tool of publicity, overcoming the racial barriers. At the same time, he designed a bunch of dances, for example the robot and the moon walk, and showed these dances on TV shows, making people love the pop music and making himself become more and more popular. So Michael jackson used his original songs and characteristic dances to make himself become the king of pop, achieving a big number of rewards and huge success.
The last but not the least, when we are