ESL 55 American Culture Essay

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Arely Sarceno
ESL 55
November 12, 2012

American Culture

There are many aspects that I appreciate of American culture, but I am only going to describe three of them. One of them is education because it is the most important trait that I really value. When I first came to the United States I started working at a Mexican restaurant, and I was bewildered that not one of my coworkers could speak English. I was surprised that many of them had been here for five or ten years and they never bothered to learn English. As soon as I got to know them, I asked them many question about the American system related to why they haven’t taken a look around them. What they told me was that they came to the United States to work not to get an education. They said it was a waste of time to get an education. But I saw that the customers of the restaurant who were well dressed and seemed to be professional were educated. So I start asking questions to myself how can I get a degree or a least learn English to begin with and finally sometimes I met a person who gave me information about a college that is located close to where I lived, so I decided to go. There was a woman who came to the United States without any educations and at the time she was a getting a degree, and she inspired me. I decided to enroll at San Mateo College even though it was really hard because I had to go to work and go to school. That’s why education for me is the ultimate trait the American culture shares with us.

In addition, the diversity of the people is another wonderful aspect of American culture that I am grateful for. For example, San Francisco is the place where I used to live and I saw many different kinds of people living there such as gays and lesbians who have the same rights as everybody else. There are latin people like myself who have worked hard and become doctors, lawyers and teachers, and most of those people had come to associate with the American culture. For example, I was in the Stanford Hospital that is located in the bay area and I was amazed by the diversity of people who were just in one place and so I can imagine the diversity around the whole of California.

Finally, I want to write about opportunity for good jobs. In general,