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In the story Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare there was a lot of instances that presented the motifs of Good/Evil. Most of the characters in the story had a good and evil side to them. Especially Lady Macbeth, along with a few other characters from the play. There is a good and evil side to each character. To begin, the character Macbeth in the play had a lot of times where he was good and then changed to evil at some point. First, when Macbeth originally got the three witches prophecies which were: 1. Macbeth would be the thane of Cawdor. 2. Macbeth would be king. 3. Banquo’s sons would but he wouldn’t.

When Macbeth got these prophecies he thought about them and then found himself feeling bad about considering them in the first place. This shows he was slightly evil to begin with, and then turned to good. Also, Macbeth was responsible for 4 murders. King Duncan, Banquo, Lady Macduff, and Lady Macduffs son. Macbeth was guilty and held responsible for all 4 of these murders. This portrays Macbeth as being evil. Also, Macbeth lets Lady Macbeth his wife; convince him of these murders and to commit these crimes because it was almost as if she had him on a leash. Macbeth did whatever Lady Macbeth told him to do. This shows Lady Macbeth and Macbeth to be evil in the same situation. Another character who was constantly shown to be changing from good and evil in her daily life was Lady Macbeth. An example of this was when she talked her husband, Macbeth into all the murders because she could not find the guts to do it herself. She had her husband there to do her every bidding. In the start of the play Lady Macbeth was a different person than she was toward the middle and end of it. In the start, she was innocent and portrayed as good. She was following her husband, and agreeing with all his decisions until she started to get greedy and had to have her way. Lady Macbeth planned and talked her husband into killing Duncan which is her turning point in the good and evil ratio. Also when Macbeth was leading up to killing the king he tried to change his mind but of course, could not because of his wife. Lady Macbeth was relentless with