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In this paper I am writing about the famous Seattle based coffee company, Starbucks and how it is structured. Starbucks first started in Seattle in 1971 in the Pike Place Market. It is the largest coffeehouse in the world. On top of that Starbucks has the kind of atmosphere that both employees and customer can truly enjoy. I will discuss what kind of people I think Starbucks will hire to be part of their team. I will show you what I think Starbucks should do to possibly make business better. I also will write how I think they can avoid financial problems if it happens again in the future.
The job description that I choose to use for my paper is for hiring a barista. They will have to promote the Starbucks Experience to customers with integrity, knowledge and prompt service. Baristas need to be able to communicate with manager on a professional level. Train other partners when needed and give feedback to improve and praise. Be able to witness positive flow between partners and customers and communicating this to manager. The partner should also be passing on ideas on how to improve Starbucks to the manager. The barista will provide a great attitude with customer and make them feel special with the “customer comes first” attitude. They will have to be able to follow Starbucks operational policies and procedures which include the handling of monies, safety and security. Starbucks employees must be able to follow directions on recipes and presentation of the beverages and food. They must comply with all health, safety and sanitation guidelines. Team members should have good organizing skills to succeed team accomplishments. Be able to work flexible hours, show up to work on time and regularly with a great attitude. I chose a barista because I think it is the most important job in a store. The barista’s main job is to make the drink as perfect as it can be for the paying customer. They also are probably the first people that customers interact in the store.
I believe a barista job specification has to be similar to this; friendly new partners have to be able to stand for a long period of time. They must have good communication skills and customer interaction. The employees are required to love coffee and be a team player. They need to be able to follow the dress code with no tattoos showing. Only have a limit of two holes per ear and no wild colored hair. Partners should be able to handle being under pressure well and are quick learners. High school graduate is required and salary depends on experience.
My family and I traveled to Italy for a month in 2005 and we were all coffee drinkers. We could not find an espresso stand where they make American coffee such as white mochas, flavored lattes, and so on. Ironically, all the coffee syrups are made in Italy. They are mainly used for Italian sodas. There were cappuccino and espresso shots. When we went to the Amalfi coast for a week we shopped at a little convenience store which was a simple structure organizational configuration where they had Italian sodas and espresso machines. My mom asked the employee if she could show them how to make American espresso drinks! They really were impressed and excited to learn something from America. Over the summer recently, my parents returned to Italy and had their first flavored latte there!
Since the organization is large, Starbucks is decentralized. Starbucks uses the standardization method because all the employees rotate at a job. They all have to know how to ring up a drink, make a variety of different kinds of hot and cold drinks, operate the drive through window and make sure the food, cups, straws, napkins and other things are stocked. Also they learn how to keep the store clean and up to health codes. Starbucks also depend on rules and procedures which was the formalization of being decentralized. They have an employment handbook and they also depend on following recipes on how to make drinks.
Starbucks depends on