A Day Of Self Observation And Awareness

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Esra Kahyaoglu
Assignment #1: A Day of Self Observation and Awareness
A Day Of Self Observation and Awareness
After I read the structure of our first assignment, I completely tried to give attention to my behaviors that I develop when I was negative, critical, and / or judgmental. I realized that I could be very judgmental to my housemates about their behaviors when we are discussing the house issues. Because of being only girl in the house, we have difference of opinion about some different subjects such as the cleaning of the house or shopping. Because our priority is different to each other’s in the house. As a result, I have decided to be more positive and find a compromise to reach a common ground with my housemates.
This assignment teaches me that I should develop self-awareness in order to improve my relationships with not only my housemates but also with everybody that I know. It was also a beneficial exercise to learn some important things about myself.
If I feel stressed or angry about something, I try to calm down by being alone or calling one of my friends. I think that talking about the situations that bother me with someone is very relaxing. Taking some advices about the problems can be beneficial to overcome these problems.
Furthermore, I always display very nervous behaviors before I have my period to those who are around me. Therefore, I try to be alone in these days in order not to damage my relationships. On the other hand, I am aware that this is not the proper way to protect them. I know that I should find a way, which relaxes me.
In addition to my behaviors to others, I have also focused to my behaviors and attitudes about myself. There were many problems that I over reacted. Now, I am trying to overcome these problems and becoming to behave stronger than the past.
Sometimes, I push myself too much because I am little bit perfectionistic. I