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● FITT­ the basic concepts for fitness are built on these ideals
● frequency­ focus on recovery and rebuilding
● Intensity­ level that an individual needs to work at
● Time­ amount of time sustaining determined intensity
● type­ the kind of workout
● all healthy aged adults age 18 to 65 should get 150 min of moderate activity a week
● or 75 min of intense activity
● for those trying to lose weight around 300 min a week of moderate activity are needed, this is also the same amount that kids need
● muscular strength and endurance should be worked on at least two days a week
● benefits include lowering cholesterol, better bmi, type two diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, stroke, and coronary heart disease
● for exceeded amounts of health benefits one can work out for longer periods of time
● heart rate during a moderate workout should be between 40% and 85%
● a formula to find maximum oxygen intake is rhr plus the %worked at(mhr­rhr)
● rate of progression is dependent on their goals and exercise tolerance. different aspects of FITT may be adjusted to increase their level of workout.
● muscular fitness is need in old age to keep bones strong
● stretching before and after are needed to help with flexibility, injury prevention, and reduction of muscle soreness
● components of health related fitness are body composition, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance, and strength.
● Motor performance fitness, is when someone is working out to get better for a sport, to train their body so they will be more prepared for their season.
● the components of MPF are agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed, FITNESS PROGRAMS AND PROFESSIONALS:
● One program the the government initiated to help the overall fitness of the nation was healthy people 2000. 2010, and 2020
● Each had its own goals for the american people to get healthy
● some were things like increasing the number of worksite fitness programs and decreasing the coronary heart death rate, to promote healthy living, achieve success in quality health care
● there has been scientific evidence supporting the link between health related fitness and hypokinetic disease and it grows every year
● kids who are active as children tend to continue to be active while kids who are not active will continue not doing anything
● more and more worksites are starting to open gyms and workout centers, even most nursing homes are reserving areas for gyms so the elderly can still be active
● youth physical activity recommendations include establish policies that make PA fun, provide good environments, good PE curriculum, establish a good health education program, provide extracurricular PA activities, allow parent to help, provide health

services that asses PA, provide community sports, and regularly evaluate these school systems ● children should try and accumulate at least 60 min a week of moderate to intense exercise ● different ways to start making this a country wide possibility are schoolwide programs, fitness clubs, daily fitness programs, fitness courses, fitness electives, fitness centers, a complete high school fitness program, and a state required approach.
● For nutrition there could be healthy heart programs, nutritional guidance in schools, and weight management programs.
● For just general health there could be blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, stress management programs, and health education programs.
● Interscholastic sport is financed through boosters, state funding, and pay to pay organizations ● There are a multitude of coaching certifications required to coach
● these coaches are now required to pass certain standards, they are grouped as
Philosophy and ethics, safety, physical conditioning, growth and development, teaching, sports skills, organization, and evaluation.
● Varsity sports are