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Alex Talman
Goals/Steps Essay
Success and Education
When it comes to getting a well rounded education; not only do you get smarter as a person, not only do you get better at what you do, but getting that education and to take advantage of all the opportunities around you will unlock so many doors that you didn’t even know existed. You don’t know what you’re capable of if you don’t try, if you don’t try to learn and keep growing. If you settle now, there’s no moving forward. Have a goal that will help you stay on track. Have a goal that keeps you moving forward. Have a goal that will sit at the peak of your shoulders and when you think that all is lost, that goal is going to be your motivation, your inspiration. The steps you take now, the steps that you take today, not tomorrow, but today will be your guide to success. These steps will be the building blocks that will help you put together and create the tower of success. What are your goals Alex? What steps are you going to take to reach those goals? What are you going to do to keep yourself on track? When everything seems to be crashing down to the ground, what’s going to keep your head held high? My overall goal is to be happy with what I do and if that means that I have to be academically successful and find success in my career to do so, so be it. I don’t want to have a high GPA; I will have a high GPA. I don’t want to obtain a career that I love; I will obtain a career that I love. I don’t know what that career is yet, but I will. As bad as I want to talk about my own personal steps to reach my goals, I’ll be discussing 5 steps that I’ll be taking at South Puget Sound Community College that will help me do well in school and help guide me towards a career path that suits me.
Everyone has a different way of learning; we all have different minds, different attitudes, different motivations, and overall just a different way of thinking. That’s the beauty of it too. We all have the capability of being unpredictable. When someone asks me “how did you do that?” It’s something that I learn to appreciate. It means that I did something that no one else even thought of doing, and it all starts with your learning style. I am a visual learner and that means that the way that I like to learn is by physically seeing what I am doing. Don’t tell me how to do something, show me how to do it. I don’t want to know my results at the end; I want to see my results as they’re happening. I want to see my progress. I want to see how well I am doing along the way. I really need to see what I am doing when it comes to studying for a test or presentation at SPSCC. A couple ways that would greatly help me succeed in studying would be to highlight everything that I obtain, whether it’s a rubric, directions, or if Im simply just taking my own notes. Another big strategy to use for a visual learner like me is to use flashcards. Flashcards can be your best friend when it comes to certain things such as vocabulary because you’re not just studying the definition but also memorizing what the term looks like which can help me a lot. Identifying and taking advantage of my learning style is the first step for me to accomplish any work and tasks in class. We all consume the same information in a classroom but the way that I interpret that information will be the difference between an A grade and a C.
The Center for Career Services is the place to be when you’re like me, someone who does not particularly know what career to pursue, and someone who doesn’t know what path to take or how to even get on that path. The career center does this by displaying a variety of career fields based on your interest and skill. They will help you develop strategies and plans for your future. They have postings and help individuals connect with specific employers. This will help to reach my career goals. The career center isn’t just there to help me become, but help me discover, which I am willing to take