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Little About ME

As a child I was a very mischievous one always curious and ready to go on some type of adventure, also quite a protester. I made excellent grades but always seemed to get in trouble for having to much energy. My school records say borderline ADD. I only found this out when I was in high school my mom never told me and I though it was quite funny because it explained a lot to me at that moment.
I went to Bluestone High School and became a competition cheerleader and secretary of the class from sophomore year until Graduation. In high school I was very active and love to be involved in something. Very popular and loved by most. I started working my first job my junior year at Winn Dixie grocery store and I had my first car as well 1989 Acura Integra. I graduated in June of 2003 and decided to attend VSU and major in mass communication.
I went to VSU August 2003 and I did very well my first semester. My boyfriend of 5 years at the time did not like me going to school and he didn’t really want to do much with his life but be a local so I ended up pregnant. I left VSU my second semester and went home. He got us an apartment before I had the baby in November 2004. He gave me the smartest, most beautiful 8lbs. 15oz. baby girl I named Emony ( pronounced Imani Arabic means faith). We stayed together 11 years, never married, and in 2009 I started working for the state at Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation. In 2011 I left him and moved to Hampton