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Meghan Rogers
ENGL 1010.116
Dr. Golden
Spring 2014
Testing Scores
Many schools are ranked by the student’s final exam scores. These scores are important because they show how much the student has learned or what they need to be taught more of. I think that test score are a good indication of the school’s competency because they show how well teachers have taught students and what the students have been able to retain in their mind.
Have you ever studied for a test all week or a couple nights of the week? Did you feel good when you got your amazing score back? I am one of those students who studies hard for upcoming tests so I can get an ‘A’. In most schools test are the biggest part of student’s grade. Homework is given to help the students practice for the upcoming tests and to show correct answers if needed so the student will learn from their mistakes. High school finals are about twenty to twenty-five percent of the students’ overall grade of the year, so it is very important that they are taught everything they need to know to do well on these tests. Chapter test are composed of the material just in that certain chapter whether it is definitions or subjective questions. However, the school boards usually look at the final tests the students take at the end of the semester or year. Final test are cumulative, which means it covers almost everything that has been taught throughout the year in that subject. If the school board sees that a school has high test scores at the end of the year they might be willing to talk positive about that school. On the other hand, if the scores are low people might say that the school system is a joke and none of the students have learned a thing during the year.
The downside of a school relying on test scores for their competency is that there are some students who could care less about their grades they just want to have fun and get out of school. Those students who do not care about their scores will not study hard like the other students who actually care, which means the average percentage of scores will be lowered by the few bad scores. This makes a school system seem unprofessional and uninterested in