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English 1020 Section 1
September 15, 2014 Saturntrons Aliens are very interesting creatures and have all sorts of different looks and styles, but the most interesting aliens are the Saturntrons. They live a technologically advanced life and create new grand ideas everyday. These aliens live on planet Saturn but act as normal earthlings while doing everyday things like investing in love and aspiring to be doctors, artists, and musicians. This alien race has women and men, but they look very different from each other. The women Saturntrons are beautiful, they have bright blue hair that is really thick and smooth. Their skin is a mint green with neon streaks of all different colors of the rainbow. They also have figures just like humans do, like five fingers and five toes on each hand and foot. Their big eyes are very beautiful; they are the color purple and are almond shaped. If someone were to stare into them for just too long they would have someone mesmerized by their beauty, almost as if they were in a trance. The men’s looks differ just a little bit from the women. The males are very muscular with white pale skin but they have the same neon streaks of color along their skin just like the women do. The men have the same beautiful eyes just like the women do. The males and females both wear a cloth like thing wrapped around their bodies as clothes these are all different colors. The men wear theirs just around the lower half of their body and it looks like shorts. The women wear the cloth around the top and the bottom half of their body but they also wear it in different styles, like making it into a dress, skirt, etc. The Saturntrons are a lot like humans; they reproduce like humans and even speak the same languages as humans do. They are very intelligent and can speak quite a few languages, which are English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese. When they speak they all sound like they have a sort of British accent. The cultures of the Saturntrons are a kind of the same as humans but a bit little different. The women and men date throughout their lifetime, having boyfriends and girlfriends, fall in love, and get married to each other just like earthlings do but family and love are very important to the Saturntrons. “This spieces has very unusual mating rituals” (Dr. Matsuo 134). The Saturntrons invest a lot of their time in finding another mate to fall in love with. After, they have dated at young ages they will stop at six boyfriends or girlfriends and they will go back and pick their favorite one they dated and that is who they will marry and have a life with, but the choice must be mutual. Their children are raised to be very educated, all must start attending school at age three. The school system is similar to the humans; you start out in elementary school, then middle school, high school and lastly college. All children are expected to attend college, this is how you figure out what role you will play in the Saturntron society. The colleges on Saturn compare to some of the colleges on Earth like, Julliard, MIT, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale; very prestigious schools. This race is very technologically advanced and is very skilled in science, art, and music. Their society is a lot more advanced than others and the social statuses are a little like the earthlings. This is how