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Write a descriptive paragraph about a place you know well and like to go?

One of my favorite places to go in the whole wide world is my beautiful Island Haiti. I was born and raised in Haiti, move to United State when I was 8 didn’t get to back until I was 15 at first I was kind of scared because of all the news I’ve heard on the radio but my parents force to go and that was the best vacation of my whole life not only did I get to see all my family members, and old friends but I learn a lot and get to see a lot during that trip.

Haiti is such a beautiful place to be, but all people ever heard is the bad things or heard the bad news. Haiti is a very touristic island, there so much to be seen and explore when visiting Haiti that you probably will be there for a whole year, my last trip I Haiti was in 2013 after the earthquake but I am going to talk about my trip before the earthquake in 2010. I met up with my friends and we went to my favorite place to eat called “Chez Marry” they make the best Haitian food well cook and prepare. The rice is so soft sometime forget to chew on it the meat very well season with something called “Maggi” different from the one they sell here in America, And a lot of gravy on the rice. OMG the best meal ever. Getting me hungry just thinking about it. My next place to go is the beach beautiful and clean water but my best part about it I wasn’t 21 I was only 19, but in Haiti age don’t matter me and my friend were able to order drinks and have